All relationships are unique

We take time to figure out what you like, your style and include them in our design.

What do we do?

Beautiful Wedding & Events Stationary. We provide tailor made service - from Logo, Save the date, Wedding invitations, Menu, Wedding favours, etc. Please contact us for more information.

Already like what we have?

Simply choose from our gallery and we can alter it to fit the way you want. Please contact us for more information.


Start with our complimentary consultation, to brainstorm themes and styles, and determine on package that fits your specific need.


We will present you with 2-3 drafts of designs. Pick one you like most, make alterations, decide format, add in contents.

Final Touch

After final draft is presented, confirm content, means of printing, quantity needed and any add on stationary.


Now sit back, relax and get excited when final product comes through! We only use the highest quality paper and printers.


The whole process takes approximately one to two months depends on complexity of the design and printing.

In a Rush?

We do take urgent assignments - best to choose from our gallery and we can alter colour, font style to fit you.